Rural Development and Panchayati Raj

A. Rural Development
(i) Community Development Programme including Model Village Scheme.
(ii) Integrated Rural Development Programmes (IPDP).
(iii) Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment including assistance to Rural Artisans under the scheme of Improved Tool-Kits to Rural Artisans (TRYSEM).
(iv) Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas – all associated activities for economic upliftment of rural women and promotion of supportive social services (DWCRA).
(v) Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology – all associated matters (CAPART).
(vi) All matters relating to Rural Development Blocks including organization and involvement of the NGOs and traditional democratic institutions in development.
(vii) Jawahar Rozgar Yojna with all its components (JRY).
(viii) Employment Assurance Scheme including Watershed Development Projects (EAS).
(ix) Indira Awas Yojna.
(x) Million Wells Scheme.
(xi) Matters relating to training of Rural Development personnel at NIRD, Hyderabad and Guwahati and other training institutions.
(xii) Matters relating to State Institute of Rural Development.
(xiii) Community Based Convergent Services – Integration of the programmes of various departments at the Block level or through Area Approach.
(xiv) Central Scheme on Wastelands Development in non-forest areas through DRDAs and NGOs.
(xv) Ganga Kalyan Yojna.
(xvi) Any other Block level scheme(s) for economic and social development of the people as may be introduced from time to time by the Government of India in the Ministry of Rural Development or by the State Government.
b. Panchayat Raj
(i) Drafting of Bill and its enactment based on the constitutional provisions as well as amended provision, if any, made from time to time by the Government of India concerning the Panchayati Raj bodies.
(ii) Drafting and finalising of various Rules viz, preparation of Voters list, conduct of election, delimitation of Panchyati Raj Constituencies and amendment thereof, if any, required from time to time.
(iii) All matters relating to establishment, control, supervision and Constitution of State Election Commission, Finance Commission for Panchayati Raj.
(iv) Grants-in-aid to Panchayati Raj Institutions as per recommendation of the Finance Commission.
(v) All action for conduct of election of Panchayati Raj bodies.
(vi) Audit of Panchayati Raj Institution/Fund through the local audit as well as by the AG audit.
(vii) Inspection of Panchayati Raj Institutions.
(viii) Delimitation of boundaries of Zilla Parishad, Anchal Samitees and on Panchayats.
(ix) Implementation of Rural Development Schemes through the Panchayati Raj Bodies.

Relief and Rehabilitation

(i) Rehabilitation Schemes for Ex-serviceman.
(ii) General Welfare of Ex-serviceman and their departments.
(iii) All matters relating to relief measures for natural calamity.
(iv) Submission of memorandum to Government of India for financial assistance for restoration of damages and to render relief measures to the victims of natural calamities and calamities of rare severity.
(v) Sub-allocation of fund under CRF to the districts for rendering relief measures.
(vi) Collection of reports and returns from districts on damages caused by natural calamities and for disbursement of relief amount.
(vii) Maintenance of CRF and NFCR and submission of accounts to Government of India.
(viii) Holding of periodical meeting of steering Committee and State Level Relief Committee.
(ix) Fixation and revision of norms from time to time for items charitable to CRF.
(x) Operation of Control Room during the period of natural calamity.
(xi) Issue of instructions and guide-lines to district Administration for rendering relief to victims of natural calamity.
* Substituted by the 11th amendment Rules, 2001 vide Notification No. GA(A)- 40/98 dated 14-6-2001.
(xii) Holding of periodical meetings of State Managing Committee for Administration of Special Fund for Re-construction and Rehabilitation of Ex-serviceman.
(xiii) Maintenance of Special fund and Flag Day Fund.
(xiv) Sponsoring of Officers for undergoing short-course training on management of disaster like flood/earthquake and drought etc. organized in different institutions inside the country and abroad.

Public Works

(i) Construction and maintenance of Roads and Bridges (except rural roads, bridges as there and porter tracks).
(ii) Construction and maintenance of Government buildings (institutional/office and residential) in the State Capital Complex and other Admn. HQ, except that of Power, PHE, PWD, IFC office residential buildings.
(iii) Construction and maintenance in the Raj Bhawan.
(iv) Management under PWD Codes and Rules.
(v) Deposit works for construction of other Government Departments/public autonomous bodies/non-governmental Organisations.
(vi) Rules for the occupation of IBs located in various places in Arunachal Pradesh provided these were constructed by Public Works Department.
(vii) Construction and maintenance of Helipads.
(viii) Construction and maintenance of Circuit Houses and I. Bs, maintenance and administration of Arunachal Bhavan in New Delhi.

Public Health and Water Supply

(i) Rural Sanitation Programme.
(ii) Rural Water Supply (MNP, ARWSP).
(iii) Community Ground Water Resources for Rural water Supply.
(iv) Water Filtration and Treatment.
(v) Planning and execution of Sewerage system including treatment Plants in Urban areas.
(vi) Construction and maintenance of departmental buildings.
(vii) Urban Water Supply Systems, including laging and maintenance of distribution lines, Storage Tanks.
(viii) Evaluation of participatory mechanism in maintaining Rural Water Supply Systems.
(ix) Organizing workshop, campaigns on use of safe drinking water including supply of disinfectants in rural areas.

Power and Non-Conventional Energy Resources

A. Power
(i) Administration and Enforcement of the Indian Electricity Act, 1910
(9 of 1910) and the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 (54 of 1948).
(ii) Development, construction and all matters relating to all hydro-electric and gas based power projects.
(iii) Generation, transmission, distribution and sale and licensing of electrical energy including levy of electricity duty or cess, in consultation with the Power Regulatory Commissions.
(iv) All matters pertaining to rural electrification of villages.
(v) State Electricity board (s).
(vi) All matters relating to power Engineering services and Civil Engineering Services related to the Department.
(vii) Construction and maintenance of office/residential buildings of the Department.
(viii) Electrification and maintenance of internal electrical installations in all residential/non-residential buildings constructed by the Public Works Department.

* Omitted by the 8th amendment Rules, 2000 vide Notification No.GA(A)-40/98 dated 31-7-2000.
b. Non-Conventional Energy Resources.
(i) propogation of new and renewable sources of Energy technologies and devices. These includes :-
(a) Biomass, Improved chullas, solar Phiotovoltaic, solar Thermal Energy Applications, and Wind Energy.
(b) Power from various biomass sources and solar photovoltaics.
(ii) All programmes related to non-conventional and renewable sources of energy including energy from urban and industrial wastes and animal power.
(iii) Research projects for the development and commercialisation of new and emerging renewable energy, alternate fuels for surface transportation etc.
(iv) Integrated Rural Energy Programmes (IPREP).
(v) All the matters pertaining to Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA).
(vi) Stand alone micro hydro project upto 100 KW capacity.
(vii) Construction of Micro Hydel Project upto 100KW Capacity.

Political and Cabinet Affairs

A. Political
(i) foreigners.
(ii) Passport.
(iii) Citizenship.
(iv) Honours and Awards.
(v) Missionary Activities.
(vi) Official Language.
(vii) Matters relating to Innerlines Regulations.
(viii) Custody and maintenance of property returns, ACRs and Confidential dossiers of Gazetted officers.
(ix) Matters relating to Enquiry Commission.
(x) Pension cases of Freedom fighters.
(xi) State Awards/Gallantry Awards.
(xii) State Integration Council.
b. Cabinet Affairs
(i) Assumption of office by the Governor.
(ii) Appointment and resignation of Ministers.
(iii) Secretarial assistance to the Cabinet and Cabinet Committees.
(iv) Rules of Business.
(v) Issue of standing orders of Chief Minister/Ministers.
c. Vigilance
(i) State Vigilance Commission.
(ii) Supervision of the work of Vigilance Officers.
(iii) All matters relating to disciplinary cases against IAS/IPS/IFS and all categories of officers and staff of Government of Arunachal Pradesh.
(iv) General advice to all departments in processing of departmental enquiries.
(v) Appeal in respect of vigilance cases to be heard by the Chief Secretary and the Governor.
(vi) Enquiry relating to complaints of corruption against Government servants received by the Government.
(vii) Vigilance clearance in respect of Gazetted Officers/staff due for promotion, confirmation and crossing of efficiency bar, sanction of pension and extension of service re-employment etc. of gazetted Government. employees
(viii) Collection/receiving information about corruption of Government employees.
(ix) Causing investigation either by staff of vigilance or through the departments on the basis of the merit of the information.
(x) Entrusting cases of allegation about corruption to the CBI through the department of P & AR.
(xi) Maintaining liaison between the CBI and Administrative departments.
(xii) Preparation of returns for submission to MHA as and when called for.
(xiii) Vigilance campaign.
(xiv) Omitted.

Planning, Programme Implementation Economics and Statistics

A. Planning
(i) formulation of Planning objective and priorities.
(ii) Preparation of Five Year Plans, Annual Plans and other Development Plans like NEC etc.
(iii) Mid Term appraisal of Five Year Plans/ Annual Plans.
(iv) Intra/Inter sectoral adjustment of outlay.
(v) Plan Coordination.
(vi) Micro level Planning/Untied Fund.
(vii) Servicing of State Development Council/State Planning Board.
(viii) Matters relating to MPLADS.
b. Porgramme Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
*(i) Monitoring/Review of Implementation of State Plan Scheme, NEC Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes including the Border Area Development Programme.
(ii) Monitoring of Twenty Point programme/Basic Minimum Services.
(iii) Evaluation studies/Field visits.
c. Economics and Statistics
(i) All matters relating to Economics and Statistics.
(ii) Collection, compilation and dissemination of core statistical information in the shape of returns and annual publication both State and District level like “Statistical abstract of Arunachal Pradesh and district Statistical Hand Book” “Socio Economic Review and district Socio Economic Review” etc.
* Substituted by the 11th amendment Rules, 2001 vide Notification No. GA(A)- 40/98 dated 14-6-2001
(iii) Collection of both Primary and Secondary data and conduct of ad-hoc surveys and type studies for estimation of state and district Domestic product (income) and release of Annual Report.
(iv) Estimation of Capital Formation/Consumption and release thereof.
(v) Analysis of state Budget for annual Publication like “Budget in Brief” and purpose classification of Budget.
(vi) Implementation of Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969 for issue of Birth/Death Certificates, Chief Registrar birth and death and publication of Annual Reports.
(vii) Construction of Consumer Price Index of the State and release of Periodical price Bulletins.
(viii) Collection and compilation of data for annual Projection of demand and availability of various categories of Manpower in the State and annual Publication of reports thereof besides annual Census of Government employees.
(ix) Conduct of Annual survey of Industries in Arunachal Pradesh for construction of Index for Industrial Production (IIP) and Publication of reports thereof.
(x) Collection and compilation of block level statistics and publication thereof.
(xi) To provide training facilities for lower level Statistical Personal of Different Departments of State Government and arrange for higher Institutional Training outside the State for statistical professionals.
(xii) Conduct of National Sample Survey both Central and State Samples and Tabulation/Publication of Reports for State Samples.
(xiii) Quinqunnial conduct of central scheme of “Economic Census” in the state.
(xiv) Nodal Agency on behalf of the State government in conduct of decennial population Census in the State and publication of Reports thereof.
(xv) And such other matters not specified above.

Personnel Administrative Reforms and Administration Training

A. Personnel
(i) Personnel Policies.
(ii) State Civil list.
(iii) All matters relating to recruitment, promotions, service conditions, service rules and regulations, transfer and posting, pension cases and all service matter relating.
(a) I.A.S
(b) I.F.A.S
(c) Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service.
(d) Ex-cadre Gazetted posts.
(e) Arunachal Pradesh Secretariat Services.
(f) Training and career development of officers of all India Services.
(vi) Recruitment to APCS/APSS and related matters, promotion of APCS to IAS, Transfer and posting of above officers and their pension cases; appointment ; under Secretaries of APSS.
(v) Periodical cadre review -IAS and APCS officers etc., fixation of seniority, Court proceedings.
(vi) Matters relating to service Associations, re-organization etc.
(vii) Reference from other departments on establishment matter.
B. Administrative Reforms
(i) All policy matters relating to recruitment, promotions, service conditions, prescription of educational qualifications etc.
(ii) Preparation/Revision of office Manuals.
(iii) Devising new methods and procedures for improvement in the standard of administration.
(iv) Studies in specific aspects of administration.
(v) Work studies for assessing requirement of staff in various department.
(vi) Quality control in offices.
(vii) Clearance of proposals for creation of posts.
(viii) Re-organization of departments/office.
(ix) Checks on delays.
(x) Chief Secretaries conferences.
(xi) Secretaries meetings.
(xii) Matters relating to office Inspection.
(xiii) Clearance of RRS/Service Rules of all Departments and issue of general instructions on the subject.
(xiv) Collection and scrutiny of Monthly arrear statements.
(xv) All matters relating to Public Service Commission.
(xvi) Matters relating to reservation in service inspect of SC/ST.
(xvii) Matters relating to public grievances.
C. Training
(i) All matters relating to Administrative Training Institute.
(ii) Matters relating to inspecting of Training for ministerial staff and officers to middle level on office procedure and rules.
(iii) Judicial Training at NEJOTI.
(iv) Induction/Foundation and others Training Programme for APCS Officers.
(v) Issue-based Training Programme for various categories of Officers.
(vi) Deputation of Officers to various Training Centres including abroad.
(vii) Training Co-ordination.
(i) Visits of the VIP/VVIP.
(ii) State Guests (Rules and Orders).
(iii) Table of precedence of the State Government.
(iv) Reservation of Rooms in the State Guest House.
(v) Maintenance and Upkeep of the State Guest House.
(vi) Preparation of Protocol Manuals.

Parliamentary Affairs

(i) All matters relating to Legislative Assembly regarding summoning/prorogation of Session and other related matters.
(ii) All matters relating to parliamentary practices, and procedures.
(iii) Youth Parliament Schemes etc.