Bomdila celebrates International Women’s Day.
Alongwith the rest of the world, acknowledging the vital role and contribution of women to the society, International Women’s Day was celebrated with pomp and gaiety at Bomdila Auditorium today, organized by Area Level Federation Bomdila under the Department of Urban Development & Housing (UD & Housing), Bomdila.

Speaking of the occasion, Chief Guest Lian Moyee Deputy Director of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) said, “Women have now conquered every profession, from sky to sea, becoming an astronaut to naval official. Women, apart from household chores, are now working in the society as doctors, engineers and many more.”

Meanwhile, guest of honour Advocate Kamla Deewan said, “Women are physically mild, but not mentally. We have both potentiality and patience to do anything for poor family and society.” The advocate elucidated on Domestic Violence Act, and other technicalities on legal procedures to protect women from exploitation.

Earlier, Executive Engineer Takar Tachang, Department of UD & Housing, Bomdila greeting wishes to women for their tremendous contribution for the society on various Central Government schemes working as incentives to empower women and urged to take full advantage of these schemes which is aimed at making women self-reliant and self sufficient.