Governor greets the people on the occasion of Boori Boot Yullo

The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Brig. (Dr.) B. D. Mishra (Retd.) has greeted the people of the State on the festive occasion of Boori Boot Yullo. He expressed his hope that the festivity will promote amity and unity amongst the people of the State.

In his message, the Governor said that the people are tradition bound and cherish their social heritage. They abide by their Fold’s customs, traditions and moral values. They enthusiastically celebrate their festivals, folklore and ideals which remind them as to who they are. These celebrations unify them and they pass this festivity down to the succeeding generations, he said.

The Governor said that Arunachal Pradesh is a mosaic of agrarian communities. Most of our festivals are associated with agricultural activities. Celebration of these Festivals thus helps us in preservation and propagation of our age old heritage, as also enables us to upgrade our agricultural practices with the march of time. He expressed confidence that the Festival Boori Boot Yullo will spread the message of technology based innovative agricultural practices among the people to enhance their wellbeing and economic gains.

May the spirit of Boori Boot bring happiness, prosperity and protection from diseases, particularly COVID-19, for all of us, the Governor said in his message.



PRO to Governor

Arunachal Pradesh

ITANAGAR, February 5, 2021