Tamiyo Taga inaugurated high mast lighting system at Patum

Siang, Aug 12: Hon’ble Minister Power etc Shri Tamiyo Taga today inaugurated a high mast at Patum as a part of the scheme for providing high mast lighting system at Patum bridge, Pessing Higher Secondary, Jomlo CO Office, Jomlo Mongku, Payum, Jomo and Rumgong which was taken up under the SADA 2017-18. The event was attended by the Deputy Commissioner Siang Shri Rahul Singh, Chief Engineer Power Shri Bar Tamo, other HoDs from various departments including Engineering departments, admin officers, HGBs and GBs from various villages, public leaders and general Public. A public meeting was also held on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering as the chief guest, the Hon’ble Minister expressed his happiness over the development and also informed everyone that such high masts lighting system would also be established in various other locations of the district like kaying, Boleng, Riga, Pangkeng etc. He stated that such lighting systems in place would be extremely beneficial for the public and also help curb law and order situation. Stating that all developmental activities would be taken up on priority he announced that Subbung HEP would be made functional very soon and this would help supply electricity in areas like Rumgong, Boleng etc. thus ending the dependency on supply of electricity from outside the district while solving the problem of power supply.

He further stated that the estimate for construction of RCC bridge at Patum had already been prepared by the concerned Department and he would pursue the matter authority higher authorities. He also informed about the sanction of the work for construction of road at Jomlo Mobuk.

Informing the gathering about that henceforth a Service Recruitment Board would conduct the recruitment for ministerial staff, he urged and advised the youth of the area to focus on their studies and strive for excellence in various academic areas.

He urged the public to be pro-development and to not create hurdles on the path towards development. Rather he urged them to welcome all developmental activities and be a part of it for the greater interest of the public and the area. He further stated that he would pursue all developmental activities to the best of his abilities and also spoke about the commitment if the government towards betterment of the people.

The Deputy Commissioner on behalf of District administration and the people of Siang district thanked Hon’ble Minister for the noble initiative of installation of the high mast lighting systems in the district. He further thanked him for pursuing and successfully carrying out various other developmental activities for the greater development of the district.

Several other public leaders also spoke on the occasion. A memorandum was also submitted.