UNEMPLOYMENT: A Cause and Minimization through Placements—– ShriDasher Teshi (Dy. Director IPR)

Unemployment, mean jobless or want of work or offer to work but no works available as per academic qualification. In case of unemployment, availability of requisite persons with degrees or diplomas for the job but no jobs are available, according to qualification which can well be termed as Unemployment and under employment. In fact, in general understanding this unemployment is a social status of employable youths having no earning through employment and in true sense it is an economic status of employable youth.
To eradicate disease or epidemic is possible on advancement of medical science. Now epidemic like cholera, small pox and others have been controlled. Same is the case of Leprosy and polio which has almost been controlled and diseases like Malaria, Tuberculosis and Cancer are on table to be contained or controlled. Even, it is expected that other diseases like dysentery and measles are on the list of controlled diseases if medical science strike in its research. If no definite result is made, a preventive measures with minimization of magnitude of such diseases is hoped so.
To draw a policy line to control or eradicate social evil transferred from generation to generation is a hard task but in long *** such evils whether it is a kind of legacy can be removed through light of knowledge and reformation since education is ultimate wisdom to reckon with. True to education and thereby in transforming economy one thing that can hardly be avoided is present day modern economy where education begets unemployment and in modern day society it is an evil as product of education. There is no solution to eradicate unemployment except minimization through effective employment base education and economic measures.
Hunger, starvation, malnutrition are sum amount of glimpse of social and economic condition of underprivileged society and is a result of no means to fulfil their hunger and is result ofjoblessness to learn livelihood and lowest stratum people are to face the brunt of such social and economic conditions and thereby hunger starvation and malnutrition take human toll due to poor nutritional management as a result of poor economic condition.
The terminology, unemployment in Arunachal is widely used among youths in various fields. There are lot of unemployed organisations in various fields viz. civil, electrical, electronic, veterinary, agriculture, horticulture, tourism, medical and general degree holder of science arts commerce etc. Truly unemployment is a grim situation in Arunachal since youths entirely depends on government jobs. All the statesincluding Arunachal Pradesh that falls under small state category having no industries, factories and employable estates to look after the employment of youths, such state can hardly take the risk.
The state Governor must have realised this grim unemployment situation and has constituted a committee to examine and formulate for employment generation. The drawn members from various institutes like North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Nirjuli, National Institute of Technology,Yupia and Rajiv Gandhi UniversityRono Hill, Doimukh are working on scope of job, placement of youths through their institutes. Of course, there is no dearth of job for tribal youths of the state but willingness to work differs among the youths. The youths seems to have deep family bonds and home seek plays a vital role in their life. Even if they get job through placements or own efforts and posted outside, they use to come back and relist themselves as unemployed. Jobplacement is a common but effective programme of present day technical institutes, and what the students can do is to smart themselves to the opportunity provided though such colleges and institutes.
Realization to be born among the youths in their mind to opt employment opportunities in arm forces, Indian Navy, Air Forces, Para Military Forces, BRTF, Railways, and other public sector undertakings and companies/industries where jobs are available but employable numbers are not sufficiently available. Even after repeated advertisements youths hardly apply for jobs in Indian Navy and Air Force, Army and Para Military Forces.
The committee on placement have identified that a permanent cell should be created in identified institutes with a permanent professor and budgetary allocation to committee on placement to enhance the employability skills in colleges, create awareness on placement activities, improve students quality at feeder levels by adaption of psychometric test and other counselling at initial levels, energize industrial policy, review or install employment generation as base in various memorandum of understanding, employment opportunities in government aided private sectors and creation of central digital data base by government. This way employment opportunity can be created and to some extent minimize unemployment problems of the state. Conduct of job fare based on central data base would benefit youths to avail job. The third meeting on Placement Review Committee at Rajiv Gandhi University on 25th July 2018 with Power Point Presentation by Dr.AniTaggu, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, RGU was fully joined by other members from Department of Labour, Industry, Education, Science and Technology, Placement Cell, NERIST Nirjuli and NIT Yupiacame up with pertinent solutions on way to minimize unemployment channelizing through proper institutional and placements.