Khonsa 9 July: Training on major horticulture crops to provide alternative livelihood to opium cultivation, 2017-18 to the opium cultivators of Lazu and Sinnu village was conducted on 9th July, 2018 at PWD IB Conference Hall, Lazu.
While highlighting the importance of imparting training on major horticulture crops to provide alternative livelihood to the opium growers, the DHO, Khonsa Henrik Basar encouraged the opium cultivators to take up cultivation of horticulture crops by replacing existing opium poppy cultivation for sustainable livelihood, he added that opium growers lazu area shouldn’t be dishearten because of massive opium poppy destruction done by District Administration and Police department during last February. The DHO Basar stressed on the ill effects of opium to the society and upcoming younger generation too and urged the farmers to avoid use of chemical insecticides instead go for organic cultivation with the help of organic fertilizers which are very much available in dairy/poultry farms where domestic animals are rears.
EAC I/c. Lazu D.K. Thungdok urged the farming community of Lazu and Sinnu village to shun opium poppy cultivation and adopt horticulture crops seriously, he stated that in other districts like Tawang, Dirang and Bomdila areas are solely depends upon horticulture cash crops and they are earning sufficient for their livelihood as well as to support their children education.
During the technical session resource person Dr. Abhimanyu Chaturvedi, SMS Horticulture, Smti Nemhang Ronrang, HDO, Deomali and Shri Tolong Sumnyan, HDO, Khonsa imparted the training on organic cultivation practice of Large Ginger, King Chilly and Large Cardamom. Some of farmers were asked for sanction for fencing to safeguard their crops from cattle.
The training session for the first day concluded with an interaction with the opium cultivators and the workshop will continue for another 3 days to cover all opium affected area viz : New Kothung, Old Kothung, Thungjang, Upper Chinhan, Lower Chinhan, Raho and Longliang villages.
The training programme was attended by Public leader Yongwok Hodong, Farmers from Lazu and Sinnu village.