Secretariat Administration

(i) All service matters relating to Secretariat Ministerial staff, Stenographers and other categories of non-gazetted posts.
(ii) Establishment matters Group ‘B’ posts of the Secretariat.
(iii) Establishment matters of Group ‘D’ staff of the Arunachal Pradesh Secretariat.
(iv) Custody and maintenance of confidential dossiers of Non-Gazetted official of Secretariat.
(v) Pension cases of all staff dealt with SAD.
(vi) Departmental Enquiries/DPCs.
(vii) Maintenance of old records.
(viii) Identity cards.
(ix) Central Issue/Pouch/Courier arrangements.
(i) Office Accommodation for Secretariat Departments.
(ii) Maintenance of Secretariat building and premises.
(iii) All matters relating to procurement of Stationary, office equipments for Secretariat.
(iv) Arrangements for holding Conference in the Secretariat.
(v) All matters relating to Secretariat staff Canteen.
(i) Preparation of pay and Allowances and other bills in respect of officers and staff of the Secretariat including Ministers.
(ii) Disbursement of Pay and Allowances etc.
(iii) Maintenance of all records connected with bills, cash-books etc.
(iv) Preparation of Budget in respect of Secretariat.
(v) Reconciliation of Accounts in respect of SAD.
(vi) Maintenance of GPF account of Group ‘D’ staff and pass book etc. for other categories.
(vii) Service postage stamps.
(viii) Audit objections.
(ix) Control of Expenditure.
(x) Matters relating to P.A.C. pertaining to Secretariat establishment.
(xi) Matters relating to Insurance Schemes/Salary Savings Schemes etc.
* Added by the 2nd Amendment Rules, 1999 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 40/98 dated 21-6-1999.