Youth Affairs and Sports

(i) Financial provision for implementation of youth parliament schemes.
(ii) Nehru Yuvak Kendras and Bal Kendras.
(iii) Construction of Playgrounds/sports complex.
(iv) State Sports Council.
(v) District Sports Association and other sports Associations.
(vi) Rural Sports.
(vii) Expedition/adventure programme for youth.
(viii) Sports schools.
(ix) Participation of State team/individual in regional/national/international sports, games and youth activities programmes.
(x) All scheme of sports and youth activities not covered by Department of Education.
(xi) Establishment matters relating to Physical Training Instructors and Coaches.
* Added by the 6th amendment Rules, 2000 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 25/98 dated 19-2-2000.
(xii) All matters relating to school sports except NSS, N.C.C., A.C.C. and scouts/Guides.
(xiii) Matters relating to All India Civil Services Tournament.