Transport and Civil Aviation

(i) Arunachal Pradesh Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and Arunachal Pradesh rules 1991 (regulations).
(ii) Matter pertaining to Directorate of Transport.
(iii) Matter pertaining to State Transport.
(iv) Maintenance and procurement of transport vehicles of Secretariat pool.
(v) Matter relating to Motor Vehicle workshop.
(vi) Allotment of Cars and Scooters.
(vii) Matter relating to condemnation of Vehicles.
(viii) Matters relating to Regional Transport Authority.
(ix) Permit and fixation of fares.
(x) Matters relating to State Transport Authority.
(xi) Matter relating to licences/taxation of vehicles.
(xii) Matter relating to purchase, replacement maintenance repairs and POL expenditure of vehicles in respect of Council of Ministries and Secretariat Administration.
(xiii) Matter relating to purchase and replacement of vehicles in respect of District Administration.
* Omitted by the 11th amendment Rules, 2001 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 40/98dated 14-6-2001.
(xiv) All matter relating to Inland Water Transport.
(xv) Booking and Reservation of Railway tickets and construction of Railway lines and correspondence thereof.
(xvi) Curier services and communication flights.
(xvii) Carriage of passengers and goods by air in the state.
(xviii) Policy on setting up of helipads, airports, air landing grouds etc.
(xix) Agricultural aviation.