Rural Works

A. Rural Link Road
(i) Construction of rural (village) link roads including formation cutting, WBM black topping etc.
(ii) Construction of porter/mule track, C.C. pavements and C.C. steps in rural areas etc.
(iii) Construction of suspension bridges, RCC bridges, culvert, timber bridges, C.C. drains etc.
(iv) Acquisition, use and maintenance of T and P’s and machineries like bulldozer, road roller, excavator etc.
(v) Maintenance of all above mentioned works.
b. Soil and Water Conservation
(i) All sorts of land development activities.
(ii) All sorts of land protection activities for protecting agricultural and village lands by adopting suitable engineering measures and other vegetative measures, in the hill slopes as well as in plain areas.
(iii) Plantation works along the RLRs and regeneration of forests in construction areas of the department.
(iv) Acquisition and deployment on subsidised hiring rate of power driven machineries, like tractor, dozers, power tillers, pumping sets etc., for agricultural and allied purposes, and for departmental use when idle.
(v) All sorts of soil survey works and testing of soil and waters sample etc. preparation and publication of demographic datas and infirmation.
(vi) Training programme for field level departmental functionaries as well as farmers/villagers.
(vii) Various types of activities under State Land Use Board.
(viii) Maintenance of all assets of above mentioned works.
c. Rural Housing
(i) Providing construction assistance to economically weaker section of S/T people of the state by way of distribution of C.G.I sheets for covering a portion of the roof free of cost.
(ii) Construction and maintenance of staging huts.
d. Building
(i) Construction of residential and non-residential buildings for own department.
(ii) Construction of residential and non-residential buildings of other sister department including district establishment.
(iii) Maintenance of building.
e. Other Activities
(i) Deposit work.
(ii) Untied Fund.
(iii) MPLAD Fund.
(iv) NE fund.
(v) Voluntary organisation.
(vi) Any other fund from any resources.
(vii) Any other specialised works of district administration of other departments in rural areas of Arunachal Pradesh.