Rural Development and Panchayati Raj

A. Rural Development
(i) Community Development Programme including Model Village Scheme.
(ii) Integrated Rural Development Programmes (IPDP).
(iii) Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment including assistance to Rural Artisans under the scheme of Improved Tool-Kits to Rural Artisans (TRYSEM).
(iv) Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas – all associated activities for economic upliftment of rural women and promotion of supportive social services (DWCRA).
(v) Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology – all associated matters (CAPART).
(vi) All matters relating to Rural Development Blocks including organization and involvement of the NGOs and traditional democratic institutions in development.
(vii) Jawahar Rozgar Yojna with all its components (JRY).
(viii) Employment Assurance Scheme including Watershed Development Projects (EAS).
(ix) Indira Awas Yojna.
(x) Million Wells Scheme.
(xi) Matters relating to training of Rural Development personnel at NIRD, Hyderabad and Guwahati and other training institutions.
(xii) Matters relating to State Institute of Rural Development.
(xiii) Community Based Convergent Services – Integration of the programmes of various departments at the Block level or through Area Approach.
(xiv) Central Scheme on Wastelands Development in non-forest areas through DRDAs and NGOs.
(xv) Ganga Kalyan Yojna.
(xvi) Any other Block level scheme(s) for economic and social development of the people as may be introduced from time to time by the Government of India in the Ministry of Rural Development or by the State Government.
b. Panchayat Raj
(i) Drafting of Bill and its enactment based on the constitutional provisions as well as amended provision, if any, made from time to time by the Government of India concerning the Panchayati Raj bodies.
(ii) Drafting and finalising of various Rules viz, preparation of Voters list, conduct of election, delimitation of Panchyati Raj Constituencies and amendment thereof, if any, required from time to time.
(iii) All matters relating to establishment, control, supervision and Constitution of State Election Commission, Finance Commission for Panchayati Raj.
(iv) Grants-in-aid to Panchayati Raj Institutions as per recommendation of the Finance Commission.
(v) All action for conduct of election of Panchayati Raj bodies.
(vi) Audit of Panchayati Raj Institution/Fund through the local audit as well as by the AG audit.
(vii) Inspection of Panchayati Raj Institutions.
(viii) Delimitation of boundaries of Zilla Parishad, Anchal Samitees and on Panchayats.
(ix) Implementation of Rural Development Schemes through the Panchayati Raj Bodies.