Relief and Rehabilitation

(i) Rehabilitation Schemes for Ex-serviceman.
(ii) General Welfare of Ex-serviceman and their departments.
(iii) All matters relating to relief measures for natural calamity.
(iv) Submission of memorandum to Government of India for financial assistance for restoration of damages and to render relief measures to the victims of natural calamities and calamities of rare severity.
(v) Sub-allocation of fund under CRF to the districts for rendering relief measures.
(vi) Collection of reports and returns from districts on damages caused by natural calamities and for disbursement of relief amount.
(vii) Maintenance of CRF and NFCR and submission of accounts to Government of India.
(viii) Holding of periodical meeting of steering Committee and State Level Relief Committee.
(ix) Fixation and revision of norms from time to time for items charitable to CRF.
(x) Operation of Control Room during the period of natural calamity.
(xi) Issue of instructions and guide-lines to district Administration for rendering relief to victims of natural calamity.
* Substituted by the 11th amendment Rules, 2001 vide Notification No. GA(A)- 40/98 dated 14-6-2001.
(xii) Holding of periodical meetings of State Managing Committee for Administration of Special Fund for Re-construction and Rehabilitation of Ex-serviceman.
(xiii) Maintenance of Special fund and Flag Day Fund.
(xiv) Sponsoring of Officers for undergoing short-course training on management of disaster like flood/earthquake and drought etc. organized in different institutions inside the country and abroad.