Power and Non-Conventional Energy Resources

A. Power
(i) Administration and Enforcement of the Indian Electricity Act, 1910
(9 of 1910) and the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 (54 of 1948).
(ii) Development, construction and all matters relating to all hydro-electric and gas based power projects.
(iii) Generation, transmission, distribution and sale and licensing of electrical energy including levy of electricity duty or cess, in consultation with the Power Regulatory Commissions.
(iv) All matters pertaining to rural electrification of villages.
(v) State Electricity board (s).
(vi) All matters relating to power Engineering services and Civil Engineering Services related to the Department.
(vii) Construction and maintenance of office/residential buildings of the Department.
(viii) Electrification and maintenance of internal electrical installations in all residential/non-residential buildings constructed by the Public Works Department.

* Omitted by the 8th amendment Rules, 2000 vide Notification No.GA(A)-40/98 dated 31-7-2000.
b. Non-Conventional Energy Resources.
(i) propogation of new and renewable sources of Energy technologies and devices. These includes :-
(a) Biomass, Improved chullas, solar Phiotovoltaic, solar Thermal Energy Applications, and Wind Energy.
(b) Power from various biomass sources and solar photovoltaics.
(ii) All programmes related to non-conventional and renewable sources of energy including energy from urban and industrial wastes and animal power.
(iii) Research projects for the development and commercialisation of new and emerging renewable energy, alternate fuels for surface transportation etc.
(iv) Integrated Rural Energy Programmes (IPREP).
(v) All the matters pertaining to Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA).
(vi) Stand alone micro hydro project upto 100 KW capacity.
(vii) Construction of Micro Hydel Project upto 100KW Capacity.