Political and Cabinet Affairs

A. Political
(i) foreigners.
(ii) Passport.
(iii) Citizenship.
(iv) Honours and Awards.
(v) Missionary Activities.
(vi) Official Language.
(vii) Matters relating to Innerlines Regulations.
(viii) Custody and maintenance of property returns, ACRs and Confidential dossiers of Gazetted officers.
(ix) Matters relating to Enquiry Commission.
(x) Pension cases of Freedom fighters.
(xi) State Awards/Gallantry Awards.
(xii) State Integration Council.
b. Cabinet Affairs
(i) Assumption of office by the Governor.
(ii) Appointment and resignation of Ministers.
(iii) Secretarial assistance to the Cabinet and Cabinet Committees.
(iv) Rules of Business.
(v) Issue of standing orders of Chief Minister/Ministers.
c. Vigilance
(i) State Vigilance Commission.
(ii) Supervision of the work of Vigilance Officers.
(iii) All matters relating to disciplinary cases against IAS/IPS/IFS and all categories of officers and staff of Government of Arunachal Pradesh.
(iv) General advice to all departments in processing of departmental enquiries.
(v) Appeal in respect of vigilance cases to be heard by the Chief Secretary and the Governor.
(vi) Enquiry relating to complaints of corruption against Government servants received by the Government.
(vii) Vigilance clearance in respect of Gazetted Officers/staff due for promotion, confirmation and crossing of efficiency bar, sanction of pension and extension of service re-employment etc. of gazetted Government. employees
(viii) Collection/receiving information about corruption of Government employees.
(ix) Causing investigation either by staff of vigilance or through the departments on the basis of the merit of the information.
(x) Entrusting cases of allegation about corruption to the CBI through the department of P & AR.
(xi) Maintaining liaison between the CBI and Administrative departments.
(xii) Preparation of returns for submission to MHA as and when called for.
(xiii) Vigilance campaign.
(xiv) Omitted.