Personnel Administrative Reforms and Administration Training

A. Personnel
(i) Personnel Policies.
(ii) State Civil list.
(iii) All matters relating to recruitment, promotions, service conditions, service rules and regulations, transfer and posting, pension cases and all service matter relating.
(a) I.A.S
(b) I.F.A.S
(c) Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service.
(d) Ex-cadre Gazetted posts.
(e) Arunachal Pradesh Secretariat Services.
(f) Training and career development of officers of all India Services.
(vi) Recruitment to APCS/APSS and related matters, promotion of APCS to IAS, Transfer and posting of above officers and their pension cases; appointment ; under Secretaries of APSS.
(v) Periodical cadre review -IAS and APCS officers etc., fixation of seniority, Court proceedings.
(vi) Matters relating to service Associations, re-organization etc.
(vii) Reference from other departments on establishment matter.
B. Administrative Reforms
(i) All policy matters relating to recruitment, promotions, service conditions, prescription of educational qualifications etc.
(ii) Preparation/Revision of office Manuals.
(iii) Devising new methods and procedures for improvement in the standard of administration.
(iv) Studies in specific aspects of administration.
(v) Work studies for assessing requirement of staff in various department.
(vi) Quality control in offices.
(vii) Clearance of proposals for creation of posts.
(viii) Re-organization of departments/office.
(ix) Checks on delays.
(x) Chief Secretaries conferences.
(xi) Secretaries meetings.
(xii) Matters relating to office Inspection.
(xiii) Clearance of RRS/Service Rules of all Departments and issue of general instructions on the subject.
(xiv) Collection and scrutiny of Monthly arrear statements.
(xv) All matters relating to Public Service Commission.
(xvi) Matters relating to reservation in service inspect of SC/ST.
(xvii) Matters relating to public grievances.
C. Training
(i) All matters relating to Administrative Training Institute.
(ii) Matters relating to inspecting of Training for ministerial staff and officers to middle level on office procedure and rules.
(iii) Judicial Training at NEJOTI.
(iv) Induction/Foundation and others Training Programme for APCS Officers.
(v) Issue-based Training Programme for various categories of Officers.
(vi) Deputation of Officers to various Training Centres including abroad.
(vii) Training Co-ordination.
(i) Visits of the VIP/VVIP.
(ii) State Guests (Rules and Orders).
(iii) Table of precedence of the State Government.
(iv) Reservation of Rooms in the State Guest House.
(v) Maintenance and Upkeep of the State Guest House.
(vi) Preparation of Protocol Manuals.