Law, Legislative and Justice

A. Justice
(i) Administration of justice, including vesting of judicial powers on officers of the Government.
(ii) matters relating to the establishment of separate High Court/Permanent/Circuit Bench of High Court for Arunachal Pradesh and to coordinate with High Court at Guwahati.
(iii) Supervision of government litigation before all courts including the Administrative Tribunals (Central and State/s).
(iv) Proposal for filling suits and appeals on behalf of the Government, vetting of written statements/affidavits and counter Affidavits and such other related documents.
(v) Matters relating to appointment of Advocate General, Senior and Junior Government Advocates, Panel Advocates, Public Prosecutor in the Guwahati High Court and engagement of Senior Advocates and preparation Panel Advocates for Supreme Court for the State of Arunachal Pradesh.
(vi) Preparation of panel of lawyers for conducting cases before all the Courts within the State other than High Court.
(vii) Processing and payment of bills of Government counsels, coordinate with Secretary (General Administration).
(viii) Approval for engagement of lawyers, other than Government, counsels by Departments.
(ix) Centrally sponsored schemes for upgradation of judiciary in Arunachal Pradesh.
(x) All such other matters relating to the judicial administration-pendency/disposal of cases before various courts in Arunachal Pradesh and all matters Incidental thereto.
B. Law
(i) Advice on legal matters and interpretation of laws.
(ii) Action in respect of codification of laws including customary laws and reference to Law Research Cell, Guwahati.
(iii) Arunachal Pradesh Code-Preparation/printing.
(iv) Law Library.
(v) Matters relating to Arunachal Pradesh Legal Service and Law department Manual.
(vi) All other incidental matters relating to law including examination of Law Commission’s Reports.
(vii) Matters relating to legal aid under section 304 of the Criminal Code.
C. Legislative
(i) Vetting of Bills, statutory Rules/Orders/Legal documents/Regulations/Notifications etc.
(ii) Assent to Bills passed by the Assembly and reservation of Bills for the consideration of the President.
(iii) Republication of Central Acts and Bills.
(iv) Drafting of all official bills and ordinances etc. introduction before the Assembly and such other follow up actions.
(v) All other incidental Legislative matters.