Land Management

(i) Processing of land allotment case in respect of Government Department
(ii) Private parties obtaining Government approval to land allocation in the district towns.
(iii) All matters relating to land records and settlement of land.
(iv) Policy decision on fixing rates of premium /lease/rent and land value of Government land.
(v) Processing cases for exemption of lease rent etc.
(vi) Processing of land acquisition cases for defence, BRTF, IOC, AIR etc.
(vi) Submission of reports to government regarding collection of revenue.
(viii) Issue of notification for land acquisition cases and their publishing in Gazettee and newspapers.
(ix) Guidance to district authorities for acquisition cases.
(x) Correspondence with defence estate officers, Army Authorities and other organisations regarding their land cases.
(xi) Survey of land and preparation of maps etc. of Government land throughout Arunachal Pradesh.
(xii) Finalisation of Arunachal Pradesh (Land Settlement and Land Reforms) Bills for its enactment.
(xiii) To initiate work for traverse and cadastral survey after the enactment with a view to preparation of land records.
(xiv) Strengthening Revenue Administration and updating of Land Records.
(xv) Issue of land possession certificate and procedure thereof.