Irrigation and Flood Control

(i) Nodal department for Water Resources Management. Survey and Investigation of Major water resources in the State and Planning for its utilisation.
(ii) Construction operation and Maintenance of Major, Medium and Minor irrigation works.
(iii) Flood Control and construction of flood protection works and maintenance thereof including Training of rivers.
(iv) Command Area Development and related works
(v) Land protection for agricultural purpose.
(vi) Watershed Management.
(vii) Construction of development buildings/approach roads to irrigation and flood control department’s complexes.
(viii) Plasticulture in Irrigation.
(ix) Establishment participatory organisations in Irrigation Management with particular reference to Command Area Development.
(x) Exploitation of ground water irrigation. Acquisition and deployment of pumpsets, drilling machines, rigs for irrigation purposes.
(xi) Pricing of irrigation water, Evaluation of mechanism for self managed Command areas.