(i) Horticulture Development and extension.
(ii) Fruit crops development.
(iii) Fruit preservation, cold storage, warehouse etc.
(iv) Horticulture Loan.
(v) Horticulture and ornamental gardens.
(vi) Spices development.
(vii) Mushroom development.
(viii) Floriculture and orchid cultivation
(ix) Aromatic and medicinal plants.
(x) Plasticulture in Horticulture/Green/Poly Houses Mulching and Drip Irrigation.
(xi) Horticultural education/training including College of Horticulture and Forestry.
(xii) Horticulture Farm/Nurseries.
(xiii) Plantation crops.
(xiv) Shifting Cultivation.
(xv) (Omitted)
(xvi) Horticulture extension holding Farmers Training Centres in Horticulture.
(xvii) Externally funded Horticulture programmes and projects.
(xviii) Tissue Culture.