(i) Police Administration.
(ii) Preventive Detention/TADA.
(iii) Internal Security and Security of VIPs.
(iv) Coordination with Army, CRPF, IAF, Assam Rifles etc.
(v) Issue of Arms Licence.
(vi) Inter-State Boundary.
(vii) SSB and Home Guards.
(viii) Jail/Prison Administration.
(ix) International Boundary.
(x) Civil and Military Liaison.
(xi) Law and Order matters in general.
(xii) Indian Police Service and State Police Service.
(xiii) Local Intelligence and Secret Service Fund.
(xiv) Matters relating to the illegal activities of underground organisation.
(xv) All matters relating to Chakma/Hajongs/Bhutanees/Tibetan refugees Settlement/deportation.
(xvi) Field firing range and Notification thereof.
(xvii) Issue of Government of India’s instruction regarding Flag Code of India.
(xviii) Matters relating to Inter-State Council.
(xix) Prosecution.
(xx) Centre State relations.
(xxi) Violation of Human rights.
(xxii) Administration of major criminal Act and Rules framed thereunder.
(xxiii) Matters relating to Restricted Area Permit for foreign tourists.