Health & Family Welfare

(i) Medical and Public Health Administration.
(ii) Setting up of Hospitals, Dispensaries and health Centres and their administration.
(iii) Medical Training.
(iv) Para Medical Training.
(v) All matter relating to Health Services.
(vi) Drugs control Act and Rules thereunder, Prevention of food Adulteration Act, 1954.
(vii) Medical Attendance rules.
(viii) Control of Epidemics including leprosy, T.B, Malaria, Aids, Goitre, Blindness, Small Pox and such other diseases.
(ix) Implementation of all Health Service Schemes.
(x) Family Welfare, maternity and child welfare.
(xi) Assistance from UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, World Bank and other International Agencies for Medical and Public Health Programme.
(xii) Selection of candidates for MBBS/MDS/BSC/BDS/GNM/B Pharm/BHNS Training/ANM Training including in service training.
(xii) Immunisation.