(i) Development of Fish Culture
(ii) Fish and Seeds Production.
(iii) Fisheries extension Scheme.
(iv) Fisheries Survey, Research and Statistics.
(v) Marketing of Fishery produce.
(vi) Transfer of technology to Fish Culturists.
(vii) Loans to Fish Farmers.
(viii) Conservation and management of natural fishery resources under the control of the Department.
(ix) Transfer of Fish farms/ponds created as fishery co-operative Societies controlled by the Co-operative Department for better management and sustainability.
(x) Transfer of Fishery rights in the USF and other areas controlled by other Department like General Administration/Forest Department and thereby Revision of existing norms in the deposit of revenue and also for horizontal expansion of fishery activities in such areas.
(xi) Enactment of Fishery legislation.
(xii) Creation of Fishery ponds in the educational Institution and other recognized/registered Societies extending of technical assistance.