(i) Preparation and compilation of Budget Estimates.
Revised estimates and Supplementary Grants.
(ii) Administration of the Consolidated fund and contingency fund of the State.
(iii) Control of Expenditure and economy measures.
(iv) Audit and Accounts.
(v) All matters relating to Banks and Banking institutions.
(vi) Matters relating creation of posts, fixation of pay and grants-in-aid.
(vii) Financing of Five Years Plans and expenditure sanctions relating to Plan and Non-Plan Schemes of all departments.
(viii) Loans and Advances.
(ix) Exercise of financial powers delegated by the Governor in case where such powers have not been specifically delegated to other departments and authorities.
(x) Scales of pay and allowances, revision etc.
(xi) Reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General and laying it before the Assembly.
(xii) Delegation of financial and cognate powers, honorarium, fees etc.
(xiii) Advice on all matters relating to Pay and Allowances, Pension and General Financial Administration.
(xiv) Codification of financial rules and regulations.
(xv) Framing of financial rules, F.R. and S.R. etc.
(xvi) Small Savings Scheme.
(xvii) Matters relating to Finance Commission, State borrowings, negotiated loans and External funding.
(xviii) Matters relating to Public Accounts Committee.
(xix) Government Companies, Corporations loans, Guarantee etc.
(xx) Policy matters/rules relating to pension.
(xxi) Ways and Means.
(xxii) Annual receipts and disbursements for the purpose of State Government.
(xxiii) Scrutiny of state legislation having financial implication.
(xxiv) Pay Commission.
(xxv) Assessment of Plan Resources.
(xxvi) All matters relating to Audit Reports.
(xxvii) All matters relating to Arunachal Pradesh State Lotteries.
(xxviii) Matters relating to capital restructuring proposals of State Public Sector undertakings.
(xxix) Assessing potential revenues.
Accounts and Treasury
(i) All matters relating to Accounts service.
(ii) Matters relating to General Provident Fund.
(iii) Finalisation and issue of Pension family pension, retiring gratuity, death gratuity, commutation etc.
(iv) Authorisation of benefit under GIS.
(v) maintenance of loans advances, accounts and matters related thereof.
(vi) Internal audit of all Govt. Departments.
(vii) matters relating to Treasury Administration.
(viii) Checking of fixation of pay on revision of pay scale.
(ix) Indian Stamp Act 1899 and Rules make thereunder.
(x) Indian Registration Act, 1908.
(xi) Procurement of non-judicial Stamp and distribution thereof