All matters relating to :-
(i) Promotion of Co-operative Movement.
(ii) Co-operative Extension Programme.
(iii) Enactment and enforcement of Co-operative Act, 1978 and Rules, 1982.
(iv) Organization, registration, inspection, supervision, monitoring and auditing of Co-operative Societies.
(v) Government financial assistance to Co-operative societies in the shape of loan, subsidy and share capital participation.
(vi) Implementation and monitoring of all Government Schemes including NCDC relating to Co-operative Movement and providing Policy support.
(vii) Implementation of credit policy of Government through Arunachal Pradesh State Co-operative Apex Bank and other Co-operative Institutions.
(viii) To develop marketing and processing of Agri/Horti Produces, Handloom and Handicraft, Procurement and Distribution of essential commodities.
(ix) Ensuring proper utilization of Government investments in Co-operative sector and recovery thereof.
(x) Realisation of Audit fee and dividend due to Government from Co-operative Societies.
(xi) Re-organization, amalgamation, rehabilitation and liquidation of Co- operative Societies.
(xii) Liaison and intersection with various concerned Government Depart- ments and national level co-operative institutions including NCDC, RBI, NCCT etc.
(xiii) Establishment matters of the Department of co-operation.