Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs

Civil Supplies.
(i) Implementation of Public Distribution System in Arunachal Pradesh.
(ii) Obtaining state allocation of rice, wheat, levy sugar, Iodised Salt, edible oil, POL products, Iron and Steel, soft Coke/coal and controlled cloth from Government of India and Sub-allocation to districts.
(iii) Liaison with Ministries of Civil Supplies, Food, Petroleum, Coal, Iron and Steel etc. of Government of India for various matters relating to State allocations, procurement etc. of various controlled commodities.
(iv) Liaison with FCI, Railway and Salt Commissioner and IOC, etc for timely release of allotted State quota.
(v) Fixation of retail selling rate of different controlled commodities on the basis of central issue price fixed by Government of India from time to time.
(vi) Obtaining approval of carriage rates for different routes in the different routes in the district from FCI for HTS.
(vii) Food grains, levy sugar, I/salt etc.
(viii) Petroleum Products.
(ix) Iron and Steel.
(x) Soft Coke/Coal.
(xi) Controlled cloth.
(xii) Enforcement of Essential Commodities Act 1955 and other controlled orders issued by the Government of India and State government from time to time, including prevention of black marketing.
(xiii) Establishment of storage facilities at District Headquarters/Public Distribution Centres and all other vulnerable locations.
(xiv) Replacement of CPO by PDs in a phased manner with the extension of road network in the State.
(xv) All establishment matter of officials of Civil Supplies Department.
(xvi) Trade and Commerce in, and Supply and Distribution of foodgrains.
(xvii) Implementation of LTS Scheme and Monitoring.
(xviii) Air lifting operations.
(xix) Monitoring of open market price of various essential commodities.
(xx) Controlling authority of establishment and all other relating to D.R.C, Office, Calcutta, Guwahati, Shillong, Tezpur, Mohanbari and Lilabari including Guest House Calcutta and Guwahati.
(xxi) Implementation of the Essential Commodities Act 1980 including prevention of black marketing.
Consumer Affairs.
(i) Standarisation of Metric System in the State.
(ii) Administration of Enforcement of 1976, Act No. 60 of 1976, Central Act (Enacted by the Parliament).
(iii) Approval of models of Weights, measures, weighing and measuring instrument manufactured in the State and recommendation of models manufactured in the country as a whole.
(iv) To regulate the inter-state trade and commerce of packaged commodities.
(v) Verification and stamping of weights and measures used in course of inter state trade and commerce.
(vi) Verification of Special seal used for inter-state calibration of tank lorries carrying petroleum products and chemical products.
(vii) To recommend the licence for Importer/export of weights and mea sures manufactured in the State.
(viii) Enforcement of the packaged commodity rules 1977 including amend- ments for sale, distribution or any commercial transaction on packaged commodities.
(ix) Determination of quantity, potency, tolerance etc. of the packaged com- modities sold by volumes number, weights of measure.
(x) Enforcement of standard of Weights and Measures Act 1985 in the State.
(xi) Registration of packers/manufacturers of packaged commodities within the state.
(xii) Registration of users of weights and measures.
(xiii) Appointment, Administration of Enforcement Officers/Official in the State.
(xiv) Determination of local jurisdictions of all Inspectorates, Asstt. Controllers.
(xv) Procurement, verification and custody of working standards, second- ary standards including verification and stamping of all weights and measures etc.
(xvi) Issue of licence to all manufacturers, repairers and dealers of weights and measures and verification, maintenance of all records and documents.
(xvii) To regulate the use of non-standard, false and unstamped weights and measures.
(xviii) To cause search, raids, seizures, forfeiture of and surprise checks on fraudulent use of weights and measures.
(xix) Provision with regard to sale of any items by heaps, quantity or number.
(xx) Approval to Compounding of offence committed in respect of weights, measures, weighing and measuring instruments.
(xxi) Sanction for cognizance of offence for trial in the Courts of 1st class Magistrate.
(xxii) Framing and amendment of State rules in accordance with the enforce- ment Acts entrusted with the Department.
(xxiii) Arrangement for Summary trial of the offences on certain cases.
(xxiv) Realization of fees and fines to be credited to Govt. account.
(xxv) Administration and enforcement of Consumer protection Act, 1986.
(xxvi) Establishment of three tier quasi-judicial bodies viz. State Council, State Commission District Fora for redressal of consumer disputes.
(xxvii) Rendering of financial assistance to voluntary consumer organisation of and NGOS registered in State and working for consumer, interests and regulate the consumer welfare fund and created in the State.
(xxviii) Organisations working group, seminar, workshop, world consumer programmes including publicity and propaganda necessary for creati- ing awareness amongst consumers and general people.
(xxix) Nomination of members (judicial and non-judicial) and official, non- official in three quasi-judicial bodies and in National Council.
(xxx) Training of enforcement officers and non-judicial members and mem- bers of voluntary organisation.
(xxxi) Raising of voluntary organisations throughout the State and imparting guidance to them.
(xxxii) Implementation of quality control orders of the Bureau of Indian stan- dards as Nodal Department.
(xxxiii) Enforcement and administration of BIS Act 1986.
(xxxiv) Formation of State level monitoring committee on quality control.
(xxxv) Issue of Licence for manufacture of weights and measures under stan- dard of weights and measures Act 1985 in the State.