Cultural Affairs

(i) Preservation of artistic works like wood carving, painting wearing etc.
(ii) Artistic performance like song, dances, drama etc.
(iii) Conduct of traditional festivals.
(iv) Inter-State Cultural Exchanges.
(v) “See Your Own Country” – Cultural Tour of India.
(vi) Conduct and participation of Zonal cultural Festivals.
(vii) Contact with North East Zonal Cultural Centre.
(viii) Construction of traditional cultural institutions like Gompas, Deres, Maongs etc.
(ix) Creation/Establishment of infrastructure of Art and Cultural Department.
(x) Seminars on traditional culture.
(xi) Maintenance of community Halls and maintenance of Cultural Complex of the State.
(xii) Procurement of traditional costumes.
(xiii) Publication/Printing on traditional cultural aspects of the tribes.
(xiv) Documentation of audio-visual cassettes and photographs.
(xv) Correspondence with Sangeet Natak Academics of Government of India.
(xvi) Protection of indigeneous tribal faith, customs, and photographs.
(xvii) Promotion of fine arts.
(xviii) Open air theatres in rural areas and theatres in the State capital.
(xix) Procurement and publication of rare manuscripts.
A. Library
(i) Setting up, Organization and management of Library Services in the State including mobile libraries.
(ii) Implementation of Legislation or Library Acts to support Library and Information System.
(iii) To support the National Literacy Programme of the Education Department.
(iv) To avail Assistance from Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation an Autonomous organization functioning under the auspices of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.
(v) To promote and support the National Policy of Adult Education Programme by providing Reading Materials and other Library facilities.
(vi) To assist guide and entertain Research Scholars/academician.
(vii) To preserve manuscripts and Reading Materials out of print and rare books.
(viii) To organize Library Book exhibitions, Seminars and conduct competition among children.
B. Research
(i) Maintenance of ancient and historical monuments and record.
(ii) Management of museums and archives.
(iii) Research on indigenous tribes anthropology.
C. Gazetteers
(i) Matters pertaining to preparation and publication of gazetteers.
* Substituted by the 7th amendment with entries thereunder vide Notification No. GA(A)-40/98 dated 24-02-2000.