(i) Agricultural production, Seeds Multiplication Farms and Seed Testing, including Seed (Control) Order, 1983.
(ii) Agricultural Extension and Gram Sevak Training and Farmers Training Centre.
(iii) Agricultural Census and Statistics.
(iv) Agricultural Information Services.
(v) Plant Protection.
(vi) Farm Machinery and Implements.
(vii) Demonstration Farm Trials and Adoptive Research.
(viii) Marketing of Agricultural Produce and State Agricultural Marketing Board, Implementation of Agricultural Marketing Act, 1989.
(ix) Post Harvest management of agricultural and horticultural crops i.e. marketing and processing and promotion of fruit based industries.
(x) Plasticulture in Agriculture.
(xi) High Yielding variety programmes, oilseeds and pulse programme, Intensive Rice cultivation Programme, (Technology Mission on Oil seeds and pulse).
(xii) National Watershed Development Programme in Rainfed Areas, and in shifting cultivation area.
(xiii) Agriculture Jhum Cultivation – Improvement, control and Conversion to Permanent.
(xiv) Commercial crops Development Schemes like Potato, Ginger, Chilli, Turmeric, Onion, Sugarcane, other Root and Tuber crops.
(xv) Manures and all kind of fertilisers (organic/inorganic and bio) to be used in Agriculture, Fertilizer (control) order, 1985, including Fertilizer (Control Order), 1983, Insecticides Control Order, 1987.
(xvi) Soil Testing and Soil health.
(xvii) Acquisition and deployment on subsidised hiring rate of power driven machineries, like tractor, dozers, power tillers, pumping sets etc., for agricultural and allied purposes, and for departmental use when idle.
(xviii) Vegetables production and vegetables seeds production.