Secretariat Administration

(i) All service matters relating to Secretariat Ministerial staff, Stenographers and other categories of non-gazetted posts.
(ii) Establishment matters Group ‘B’ posts of the Secretariat.
(iii) Establishment matters of Group ‘D’ staff of the Arunachal Pradesh Secretariat.
(iv) Custody and maintenance of confidential dossiers of Non-Gazetted official of Secretariat.
(v) Pension cases of all staff dealt with SAD.
(vi) Departmental Enquiries/DPCs.
(vii) Maintenance of old records.
(viii) Identity cards.
(ix) Central Issue/Pouch/Courier arrangements.
(i) Office Accommodation for Secretariat Departments.
(ii) Maintenance of Secretariat building and premises.
(iii) All matters relating to procurement of Stationary, office equipments for Secretariat.
(iv) Arrangements for holding Conference in the Secretariat.
(v) All matters relating to Secretariat staff Canteen.
(i) Preparation of pay and Allowances and other bills in respect of officers and staff of the Secretariat including Ministers.
(ii) Disbursement of Pay and Allowances etc.
(iii) Maintenance of all records connected with bills, cash-books etc.
(iv) Preparation of Budget in respect of Secretariat.
(v) Reconciliation of Accounts in respect of SAD.
(vi) Maintenance of GPF account of Group ‘D’ staff and pass book etc. for other categories.
(vii) Service postage stamps.
(viii) Audit objections.
(ix) Control of Expenditure.
(x) Matters relating to P.A.C. pertaining to Secretariat establishment.
(xi) Matters relating to Insurance Schemes/Salary Savings Schemes etc.
* Added by the 2nd Amendment Rules, 1999 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 40/98 dated 21-6-1999.

General Administration

(i) Budget in respect of Grant No. 3-Council of Ministers.
(ii) Discretionary Grants of Council of Ministers.
(iii) Payment of Entertainment, Hospitality Expenses, Telephone, Telegram, Electricity and Water Charges, Newspapers Bills etc. in respect of Council of Ministers.
(iv) Payment of Excess Air baggage bills in respect of Council of Ministers.
(v) Correspondence regarding enhancement of Salaries and allowances of the Council of Ministers.
(vi) Payment of bills in connection with presentation to VIP/VVIP out of Council of Ministers fund.
(vii) Tour abroad of Chief Ministers and Ministers.
(viii) Matters relating to Post and Telegraphs department and Telecommunications.
(ix) Matters relating to installation of Telephones in respect of Secretariat officers as well as Council of Ministers.
(x) Payment of bills on Telephone, Telegram, Electric charges, W.T., News- paper, News Scan of the officers and Officers of the Secretariat.
(xi) Budget in respect of Grant No. 10 – Other general Social, Community Services.
(xii) All correspondences relating to the Secretariat Building at Shillong.
(xiii) Matters relating to Celebration of Republic Day, Independence Day, Statehood Day and other National important Days and issue of instructions thereof.
(xiv) Annual Administration Report.
(xv) Rules of Executive business.
(xvi) Allocation of Business rules and Creation of New Department.
(xvii) Miscellaneous matters which are not allotted to any other department.
(xviii) Establishment matters of Resident Commissioner, New Delhi.
* Added by the 6th amendment Rules, 2000 vide Notification No. GA (A)-25/98 dated 19-2-2000.
** Included by the 2nd Amendment Rules, 1999 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 40/98 dated 21-6-1999.

Youth Affairs and Sports

(i) Financial provision for implementation of youth parliament schemes.
(ii) Nehru Yuvak Kendras and Bal Kendras.
(iii) Construction of Playgrounds/sports complex.
(iv) State Sports Council.
(v) District Sports Association and other sports Associations.
(vi) Rural Sports.
(vii) Expedition/adventure programme for youth.
(viii) Sports schools.
(ix) Participation of State team/individual in regional/national/international sports, games and youth activities programmes.
(x) All scheme of sports and youth activities not covered by Department of Education.
(xi) Establishment matters relating to Physical Training Instructors and Coaches.
* Added by the 6th amendment Rules, 2000 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 25/98 dated 19-2-2000.
(xii) All matters relating to school sports except NSS, N.C.C., A.C.C. and scouts/Guides.
(xiii) Matters relating to All India Civil Services Tournament.

Urban Development, Municipal Administration and Government Estates

(i) Matter relating to selection of sites for various government offices/institution within the town.
(ii) Matter relating to Town and Country Planning.
(iii) Schemes and activities related to Urban Basic Services for poor (U.B.S.P).
(iv) Scheme of Nehru Rozgar Yojana (NRY).
(a) Urban Micro Enterprise and Training.
(b) Urban Wage Employment.
(c) Urban Housing and Shelter Upgradation.
(v) Prime Minister’s Integrated Urban Poverty Eracation Programme (PMIUPEP).
(vi) Schemes and activities related to Urban Development for estimating/execution etc.
(vii) Integrated small town development schemes.
(viii) Housing Shelter for low income groups.
(ix) Matters relating to administration of municipal laws and by-laws.
(x) Urban Sanitation.
(xi) Matter relating to information and elections of Municipal Boards, Municipal Committee, Town Area committee and other forms of municipalities for town and urban areas.
(xii) Dissolution and supersession of Municipal Committee and Boards and appointment of Administrators/Executive committees/Boards.
(xiv) Matter to Municipal Acts and Rules.
(xv) Matter relating to 74th Constitutional Amendment Act.
(xvi) Matters relating to financial resources of the Municipalities and Town Area Committee/Boards.
(xvii) Matters relating to interpretation of Municipal Acts and rules. Supervision and Administration with regard to enforcement of such Acts and Rules and all Municipal functions/duties.
(xviii) Control and maintenance of public streets, municipal roads.
(xix) Lighting and watering on public streets.
(xx) Clearing of public streets, places, sewers.
(xxi) Regulation of offensive, dangerous and obnoxious trades calling or practices.
(xxii) Removing obstructions and projections in public streets, bridges and other public places.
(xxiii) Naming of streets and sectors.
(xxiv) Planting and maintenance of road-side and other trees.
(xxv) All matter relating to public health and sanitation under Municipal administration.
(xxvi) Augmentation of financial resources of Municipal Boards and Town Committees.
(xxvii) District Urban Development Agencies and State Urban Development authority.
(xxviii) Allotment and management of government estates in the capital town.

Transport and Civil Aviation

(i) Arunachal Pradesh Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and Arunachal Pradesh rules 1991 (regulations).
(ii) Matter pertaining to Directorate of Transport.
(iii) Matter pertaining to State Transport.
(iv) Maintenance and procurement of transport vehicles of Secretariat pool.
(v) Matter relating to Motor Vehicle workshop.
(vi) Allotment of Cars and Scooters.
(vii) Matter relating to condemnation of Vehicles.
(viii) Matters relating to Regional Transport Authority.
(ix) Permit and fixation of fares.
(x) Matters relating to State Transport Authority.
(xi) Matter relating to licences/taxation of vehicles.
(xii) Matter relating to purchase, replacement maintenance repairs and POL expenditure of vehicles in respect of Council of Ministries and Secretariat Administration.
(xiii) Matter relating to purchase and replacement of vehicles in respect of District Administration.
* Omitted by the 11th amendment Rules, 2001 vide Notification No. GA (A)- 40/98dated 14-6-2001.
(xiv) All matter relating to Inland Water Transport.
(xv) Booking and Reservation of Railway tickets and construction of Railway lines and correspondence thereof.
(xvi) Curier services and communication flights.
(xvii) Carriage of passengers and goods by air in the state.
(xviii) Policy on setting up of helipads, airports, air landing grouds etc.
(xix) Agricultural aviation.

Trade and Commerce

(i) Issue of Trading Licence.
(ii) Facilitation to border trade and foreign trade.
(iii) Development and expansion of export production particularly of plantation crops, orchids and flowers, handloom and handicraft.
(iv) Creation of infrastructure for export commodities including export processing zones.
(v) Omitted.


(i) All matters relating to development of Tourism.
(ii) Professional Training like hotel management courses, Tourism and travel management professional training courses inside outside.
(iii) Development of tourism infrastructural facilities like Tourist Lodges, Tourist Huts, Cafetria, Motels, Inns, Dhavas, View points, Hawa ghars lakes, ropeways etc.
(iv) Facilitation to investment in tourism sector.
(v) Development of adventure tourism such as trekking, river rafting, para sailing, balooning, angling and wildlife tourism.

Textile and Handicrafts

(i) Cottage Industries.
(ii) Khadi and Village industries.
(iii) Handlooms and Handicrafts.
(iv) Matter relating to craft centres and emporiums.
(v) Matter relating to sericulture development including scheme/projects sponsored under this sector by NEC central silk board.
(vi) Marketing, Exhibition and craft mela.
(vii) All matter relating to formation of handloom and handicrafts development corporation/board.
(viii) All matter relating to Research and Design Centre, Doimukh.
(ix) All matter relating to Registration of handloom and handicrafts Co-operative Societies in Arunachal Pradesh.
(x) All matter relating to implementation of handloom development centre/quality dyeing units and other central sponsored scheme under Development Commissioner (Handloom) and Development Commissioner (Handicraft), Government of India.
(xi) All matters relating to Rural Industries Centre.

Information Technology and Science and Technology

(i) All matters related to information Technology Development in the State.
(ii) All matters related to Scientific and Technical Development in the State.
(iii) All matters pertaining to State Council for Science and Technology.
(iv) All matters pertaining to State Remote Sensing Application Centre.
(v) State Land use Board.

Social Welfare, Women and Child Development

(i) Integrated Child Development Services Schemes (ICDS).
(ii) Special Nutrition programme (SNP).
(iii) Mahila Samridhi Yojana (MSY).
(iv) National Adolescent Girl Schemes.
(v) Social Security Measures.
(vi) State Social Welfare Advisory Board.
(vii) Social Education.
(viii) Social Welfare Policy.
(ix) Assistance to Voluntary Welfare Organisations.
(x) Juvenile delinquency and their care programme.
(xi) Welfare of Old and Infirm persons/grants of old age pension.
(xii) Welfare and Rehabilitation of mentally retarded children.
(xiii) Child welfare/Women welfare.
(xiv) Welfare and rehabilitation of physically handicapped, blind and deaf and dump children.
(xv) All matters relating to Social Welfare Board.
(xvi) Schemes relating to Tribal development.
(xvii) Welfare of SC/ST and Minorities.
(xviii) National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP).
(xix) Indira Mahila Yojana (IMY).
(xx) Creche programme.
(xxi) Establishment land running of the Homes for Handicapped.
(xxii) Minority Commission.
(xxiii) Matter relating to Minorities.
(xxiv) Construction of Women and Child Development Training Centre at Itanagar.
(xxv) Maintenance of Mahila Mandal in ICDS cover project.
(xxvi) Short Stay Home.
(xxvii) Freedom fighters.